At Max's Steakhouse you will find great beef prepared to perfection on our lava grill. Much of our beef comes from the Czech Republic, but also from high-quality foreign farms that that understand how to properly mature their products

The highest quality meat is always made from the bull. You may notice a slightly sour taste, which proves that the cattle are not fed artificially, but in open fields, completing the feed ration based on corn silage for up to 18 months and 380-420 kg. And that makes for some top-tier beef!

Quality steaks first go through a "dry maturation" - the beef matures suspended in a draft at a temperature of 0-2°C and 70% humidity for two to six weeks. This is followed by "wet maturation" - the meat matures for 10 to 14 days in a vacuum (often during the sea journey) without an air supply and at the optimal temperature of 0-2°C so that microorganisms have no chance to grow.



(Argentina - Black Angus) - recommended rare / medium rare. A tenderloin steak with fine fat marbling.

250 gr / 625,- Kč