Founder Max Munson, a native of Chicago, America's meat city, grew up around the best steakhouses in the United States.

In 1994, he founded the first stylish American restaurant in Prague, which soon became famous and helped to define the restaurant market of Prague.

Max was passionate about the idea of ​​bringing the tradition of a classic American steakhouse to Prague. This was achieved in 2010 with the establishment of Max's Steakhouse.

Max's Steakhouse is a restaurant that knows how to properly pamper meat to make the finest steak possible for you. Combined with the right wine and typical American warm and friendly hospitality, Max's Steakhouse becomes the ideal spot to enjoy a delicious meal and quality time with friends.

We continually improve our abilities and offerings, and today can provide you with a guarantee that you will receive steak and wine of the highest quality from us!

Max's is also the first steakhouse in Prague to hold regular evenings of steak, wine, and whisky tastings. Please come and join us at one of these special events!

Any day and every day, delicious wine and flavorful beef make for an ideal pairing, and it is our pleasure to prepare it for you at Max's Steakhouse!