At Max's Steakhouse every Wednesday from 6pm Prague's most regular whisky club gets together for a guided tasting. 

Each week there is a different theme, usually focusing on Scottish, Irish, and American whiskies, but often also including other interesting whiskies from around the world. The format each Wednesday changes. 

Sometimes the tasting are blind, (or double blind), often there is a brand ambassador or whisky maker, and sometimes there is even a quiz with prizes. There are usually four whiskies in each tasting, but occasionally that number changes. All are welcome each Wednesday, and the price is usually 390,- (about 16 Euros). 

The mission of Whisky Wednesday is to bring the deliciousness and culture of whisky to as many people as possible!

If you are interested in attending a tasting or want to book a private tasting at your home or office, please message us at 

Max@maxsteakhouse.cz  or call 603 566 015